Thursday, September 10, 2009

I the Best Yet the Most Challenging Moments..

Over these years, if there is one thing that I've become good and great at doing is to tune in and listen, watch observe, pay close attention to.. all those synonymous words that takes its meaning to this one distillation of meaning = BEING AWARE..

Awareness of signs, lessons, people, messages, meanings, pictures, incidences, stories.. everything that is happening around me...

To not place labels upon them as good or bad, but to appreciate them as just is...

Knowing that everything that happens, happens for a significant reason none other than to contribute to my expansion, growth to propel me and ascend me, to prepare me to transcend to the next level of being, from human being to that of spiritual being, for that is eventually the form that I know I will leave this earth as.. back to spirit..

All the experiences in this world are none other than to prepare me to transit to that level of complete surrender to collapse this reality of the world to that of the spirit..

I know in order for me to return in complete bliss and peace I would need to be connected back to my spiritual being, the form that has existed even before my human flesh exist to cloth me as the garment in this world..

I've come to be aware that every soul I meet is to give me a moment of expansion and growth, to heal me, to remind me of my own ego, to nudge me closer towards the true identity and purpose of being.. to be aligned and one with Source...

And life is such a great teacher at that. It keeps showing me what I need till I learn that lesson well before it reveals more to me, in such timely order, everything is just perfect and I would learn what I need to learn at that moment in life for me to move an inch closer to Source..

It seems that the stars have gathered in recent weeks as I keep noticing some similar patterns appearing in different forms and intensity yet speaking of the same theme compelling me to allow myself to receive Love fully, deeply, unconditionally..

Being Loved is the Best and Sweetest experience, yet the most difficult for me to fully assimilate..

Mentally and Intellectually I can comprehend and understand the capabilities and potentials I have yet I know there is a block to fully appreciate that gift of love..

I know when I get in such state, its the ego speaking in subtle ways for true self will receive in everything Good and Great about oneself in full honour and acceptance, for true self, the real "I" truly can recognize that "I" is not attached to Suria, to a title, a job description, a role as a mother or any possible labels whatsoever...

True 'I" recognizes its magnitude of Power, Infinite potentials for "I" recognize that it is from Source and it accepts fully yet with no slight hint of feeling super human or heroic in any way and completely is non ego centric..

The irony is "I" can only feel Powerful beyond measure only when "I" is willing to detach itself from the delusion of who truly "I" is and as long is its still attached to the ego of self identity, acknowledging its own powers then becomes an activity that is full of anguish & repulsion.

So the ability to receive fully is a spiritual act of its highest kind, to be able to embrace one's power as real, to feel all powerful yet to humbly acknowledge that it Glory doesn't comes from Self but from the Source, and be in deep gratitude that the Source had chosen to Flow its Power through "I" in the form of me, and to Choose me simply a Point to Shine its Power... thus with Power comes responsibility to Use those Power for the Highest Good of all..

So being stuck in not receiving is a sign of the ego on the way, in not wanting to receive so it creates its own story to separate itself from the strength that "I" possess..

When I can celebrate my power, the "I" power, then I know I can celebrate others too so easily, I can see greatness for I know this is the same Source of greatness that too empowers those as strong around me..

In that light, I wish to acknowledge these people who have recently walked into my life who has helped me realize the Power of Giving & Receiving.. and in their presence I felt at most energized and fulfilled, from their authenticity, sincerity and Giving in Contributions for the Highest Good of all...

@Harasha You are a Superbly Talented woman with a Huge Heart.. I feel like I have known you for ages, even if the moment of knowing you is just moments...

@Saiful You have been such an Inspiration of the Youthful energy that is so full of adventure, risk and exploring opportunities to the fullest.. your quest and zest for learning and growing is so positively contagious!

@July @Bebe @Vincent @Osman Your team spirit is simply Powerfully Awesome! Thank you for the Greatest of Heart and Service in Contribution and Transforming Lives by Taking Massive Actions to Put up the MMM programs! It's a joy to be connected to a wonderful team like WWC :)

@Normah Your diligence and commitment to pursue your work at the highest standards, your meticulous nature and sincerity to contribute, I can only take my hats off to you! Thank you for the gift that is You!

@Sis Liana You have been through with me through the Thick and Thin.. Only you know what I am going through now! I have been a pain in your $%%XX :)) But I love you no matter how.. so blood will always be thicker than water... I know I have done you injustice and wrong for my stubbornness! Well it comes from the same cookie cutter :P Love you! PS: You have amazing Talents and I believe in all Your Dreams! Hold on to them and you too Truly Deserve all the Greatness in You, for deep down you are a rare Diamond!

There's just far too many souls that has touched me within the last 6 months than I have ever felt in my last 30++ years living! The past 6 mths journey has been nothing short but a Truly Blessed one!

I am Now awaken to fully receive these Love and Amazing energy from you my friends and in that acknowledge the Power within each one of us, is indeed the Source that is also shining through me.. In that, we are One spiritually...

With my Greatest Love

Suria Mohd

Dear God, so THIS is what You wanted to Teach me!

Finally after months of intense soul searching, seminars after seminars which ended up with a blistered right foot walking on a bed of hot coals, I finally got the Inspired AHA Moment !

It had to take days of Fever, shaking till I turned blue in coughing, rock solid headache, all drenched sweating, and restless nights and days cocooning at home before the message hit me, landing so gently like a feather that has gone through the tornado winds, swaying to settle down on a still moment of truth..

I've never felt like what I have felt in the past days following my fire walk experience...
Strangely since I got sick thereafter, I've been a numb zombie.. this idea factory shut down and I felt like my essence was being drained from me.. these moments of lost creativity..

Unlike some who had the most euphoric experience after the Tony Robbins fire walk, mine was more of intensed fear, self doubts and feeling of helplessness that I've never experienced in my life..

For a moment, I felt I lost my being, meaning and purpose...
It was the most uncomfortable space ever and the worst space of pessimism, so dark I got sucked in to a point I felt utterly lost!

I could not understand why, perhaps I've always been an optimist in life and been the biz fear factor queen... Everything is possible, and I've been smiling at all the odds that came my way.. pain or no pain do or die, I've lived one cycle of down, then up then a bigger down, then up and then a bolder rock bottom down, which I have been fighting tenaciously to pull through, but for the 1st time in my life, I feel real fear of failure, fear of not living up to it, fear of all the unknown...

It's a tired, weary feeling, I felt like I'm in my 90s old and dying..that's exactly how it felt...

It's ironic that I walked on the hot coals to challenge and overcome fear yet what I get is more Fear! Perhaps I had not faced the worst fears there is in me yet and it's all surfacing now...

But as all these anxieties simmer down, The code is broken now, the message clear..

Within this vulnerability lies Great Strength...

I knew what the fire walk was all about, it wasn't the fear I thought I was facing, but new fears as I have subconsciously raised the bar and open a new horizon beyond what I would dare thread in the past..

Seems like Tony's words in his lectures now bears its meaning more than it does during the seminar itself.. I'm beginning to "get it" So ts true what they say about attending such seminars, some people get it there, some people get it after, some many lapse of periods later and the impact can only be felt more after than during..

Tony's message are so Powerful that it has shaken my subconscious beyond belief, almost like a 36 year old tree is being uprooted off from its very roots to make room for this new seed to grow in place..

No wonder this inner self is terrified! Terrified that there is this new vacuum is now going to be replaced by something beyond what it has ever taught possible!

So this is it..
I hear where these voices are coming from, and I know what I have been resisting all along..fear of truly loving myself enough to move beyond these inertia when fruits of success are just around the corner..

To love myself enough to truly receive the joy and pleasure of receiving BIG as I Step up To this Bigger Game in Life....

To care for myself to learn to take my breaks, to give myself the break without guilt!
I miss nature in my life. The last visit I had was at the snow caps & peaks of the most beautiful mountains in Pakistan, where I came back refreshed and rejuvenated...

I hear the whispers of life, that Achieving more isn't about "adding" more but Learning to unload, delete, simplify to prepare for the leap not ladder climb..yet with twice the grace & ease..

Achieving ultimate happiness, peace, wealth and anything that I can ever dream of is more about letting go than it is holding on..

This tug a war I feel between what is possible and what is holding me back, is a matter of my willingness to completely release all these self limiting thoughts, beliefs & stories am I holding on to that are not serving me...

With this renewed paradigm, my story will be re-written my destiny re-designed & I will opt to create A Life far beyond my wildest dreams...

It is done..


~ Tony Robbins..

Suria Mohd

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Power of Taking Risks, Making Mistakes & Forgiveness...

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“There are no Mistakes. The Events we bring upon Ourselves, no Matter how Unpleasant, are Necessary in Order to Learn what we need to Learn; Whatever Steps We take, they're necessary to Reach the Places we've Chosen to Go.” Richard Bach

I've made a Truck load of mistakes in my life...

Consciously and Subconsciously..

All of us want to succeed, but it's what " I don't know, that I don't know" that is setting me up for repeating the loop of mistakes I'm making in my life..

As a child ...
I had made the mistake of reticence of allowing those childhood molesters get away scout free, one of them was then a police officer ... perhaps this is my unconscious defiance of authorities that I still harbor within

As a teenager seeking company...
I had made the mistake of choosing the wrong company taking a detour from the straight path to that of the dark forces of life...

As a teenager in love...
I'd made the mistake of choosing the wrong man to be with staying stuck a relationship that doesn't serve me at all, allowing myself to be physically and emotionally abused, just proving & affirming my then unworthy self..

As a daughter....
I'd made the mistake of not speaking to my dad for years out of rebellion of the untamed youth rage, to finally speak to him in his final days... only for him to pass away just a month after we spoke... ahh.. those wasted years of unspoken love..

As a mother....
I had made the mistake of causing undue pressure onto my kids causing words and actions which ought not to be uttered or done..

As an entrepreneur...
I had made the mistake of bad investment decisions causing the ship to hit the iceberg and sink losing my best crew on board..

As I wear many hats in my colourful life

Walk in different shoes at various paths of life

Juggle this multi faceted roles and responsibilities

I know no matter how the wheels turn, I have to keep on moving, forward, making mistakes as I go along, but never Quit, for if I stop the wheels of life stop to a grinding halt and the journey is over..

I hold dear this quote "Success seems to be Connected with Action. Successful people keep Moving. They make Mistakes, but they don't Quit. ~ Conrad Hilton"

I'll keep walking with my head high, no matter how hard it may be...

I have made the commitment to walk the road less traveled

It's a choice I make and I will stay with it

For it ain't over until it's over

Until the day I don't see another sun rise, that will be the end of life here for I travel to the next world...

Till then, this earth is my place I'll Serve..

For all the mistakes I've made..

I know there is only one way out...

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. Confucius"

Rising, to me, means to Forgive myself first, from these years of self inflicted pain and punishment...

that is to Forgive first myself, from these years of self inflicted pain and punishment...

To Forgive myself such that I stop this self inflicted pain..

To Forgive myself such that I am clear to receive the Love of my Creator that He may use me to Shine His Light Through me..

For the Light can't shine through with these blocks still within the way...

I Forgive Myself and Love myself, and with that I start a new today ...

“To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.”
~ Lewis B. Smedes

~ Suria Mohd

PS: We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves
~ Dalai Lama

You have the Right to Big, Fat, Humongous Dreams...


You have the Right to Big, Fat, Humongous Dreams.

That’s right. We said it. Humongous.

You should Share your Humongous Dreams with people who Care for you.

Together, you can Figure out a way to Finance them—to make them happen.

Then one day you’ll Wake up, Rub the sleep from your eyes, and hardly believe it all happened to you.

And you’ll live happily ever after. The end.

~ Sir Richard Branson (CEO Founder Virgin Airline & Brand )

Fastest Way to Succeed...Copy Cat Technique ..Meow!

Recently I attended a Seminar which showcased a series of Multi Millionaires on stage, one caught my eye, Investor, Phil Towns..

His formula for his rags to riches success?

Here's what he says about the "Fastest, Safest, Most Effective Way to Succeed in Business or Life"
"Go Copy Cat a Successful Mentor" So True!

There's nothing worse than Going to a Dentist for an Eye Surgery!!

Which is why its important to choose who you listen to for what sort of advise!

The rules in Business or Life is similar..
- Pick someone you want to emulate
- Follow and Copy their formula for success, habits, mindsets, actions..

- Get the same results or more..

One observation of the Mentors that I have been following is that all of them Rebel against the Norm!
They do things differently, they CREATED their own Unique Personal Brand while copy catting their way to Success... :)

There's no Hard and Fast rules when Selecting who you want to Follow or Mentor after...
Your list of mentors can also change with times as you Grow your Vision of who you want to be..

I've updated mine several times over and here's my Latest Updated Version

Here are my updated Top 5 Mentor Lists ..

  • Oprah Self Made Female Billionaire & Media Mogul ( always been and will always be :))

  • Anne Mc Kevit Self Made Female Billionaire ( School Drop out to Billionaire in Interior Design)

  • Ali Brown Self Made Multi Millionaire ( Broke & Divorced w/ less than $20 in her bank account Rose to her Millions through Online marketing)

  • Tony Hsieh (CEO Zappos, just sold his Online Shoe company to Amazon for USD$900+ Million)

  • Richard Branson (CEO Virgin, Billionaire & Serial Entrepreneur, Exceptional Risk Taker!)

Follow To me Means...

1. I read about them and track what they are doing even read their autobiographies

2. Cut and Paste their Profiles w/ words of wisdom and paste them in my office walls
3. Attend as many of their Major Events & Conferences where they speak and Find my way to be invited to their Private Reception to meet one to one, Interview and take photos w/ them

4. Set Intention to be Mentored directly by them

So who is Your BUSINESS MENTOR Whom you will COPY CAT your way to SUCCESS??

Believe, Act & Prosper

Suria Mohd

: My dreams are Manifesting as I'll be meeting 4 of my Mentors this Year...:))

Meeting Billionaire Anne and Ali

Meeting Richard Branson and Tony Hsieh end of the mth

Oprah?? Well, Coming Soon Next :))